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My Sissy Art & Story ~ Le Sissies Belle Femme

It's a sissy burlesque! Come get feminized so you can be a sweet burlesque girl! This one is an all fem one, but don't worry sweeties, I'm making AB fem ones later. I plan to mix it up from time to time. The lovely Racheal Ramone, and Michelle from the story is in the picture. See if you can figure out which one they are. ^_^

Le Sissies Belle Femme Burlesque

Migel just finished an amazing concert. He was a famous musician, able to do all sorts of different styles in music. He was in his dressing roon when Migel's makeup artist left him a letter from "Le Sissies Belle Femme Burlesque" A beautiful perfume smell flew out as he opened it. In it was a note with sparkles, and pinup girls adorning it that said, "I saw your performance tonight, and we'd would love to have you play at our little cute burlesque neck of the woods after the girls get them ready for you. What do you say mon chou? Just be here, anytime of the day, exactly two weeks from now. The plane tickets are inside. Miss Nicolette Rosalie XOXO" He thought it must be a french style burlesque, "It's in New York as well. Hmm, I'll have to follow a fabulous show like that? Will they want me to take it off?" He laughed, and decided to do it.

Once the day came, he arrived, and it was a big place with beautiful style. In the lobby he saw a lovely lady in a short satin, and lavender dress with short red hair. She was very excited to see him, and went to go get Miss Nicolette. He saw Miss Nicolette, he saw a lady radiating elegance in a red dress and brunette hair, and she had two burlesque girls walking by her side like they were her personal assistants. Migel heard Miss Nicolette say to the lobby lady, "Thank you for letting me know, Sissy Julien dear." Migel thought "Julien?" he looked at her and thought "Is that a small hint Sissy Julien used to be a guy?" but without Miss Nicolette saying that he wouldn't be able to tell, and he felt Sissy Julien was quite sexy as a girl.

Miss Nicolette said to Sissy Julien, "Hey hun, what's that lipstick spot on your neck?"

"Um, our last clients left me a very friendly tip Miss Nicolette."

"Good belle."

The Miss Nicolette said to Migel, "Ma cherie, thank you for coming! Let me show you to your dressing room." Migel was happy to follow along and as they went along he saw they had many shops, and all sorts of exotic displays of art. Suddenly a girl walking by had eyes so beautiful it made time stop for Migel, as she past by he turned and walked backwards as he tripped on something and fell on a big shelf full of fine china. He got up, but found that nothing was broken. "Phew" Migel gave a big sigh of relief. *Yerrrrrrroooooogn* was a sound he heard as he hesitantly turned around seeing the 15 foot shelf slowly fall backwards, and hitting another shelf behind in, and down went the fine china, and down went the glass perfume bottles behind it. Like dominoes it happened again. Down went the 10 inch glass dildos, down went the glass kitty cats, down went the glass boob collectors items, down went the 50 foot high replica of the castle of Chaumont-sur-Loire made entirely of wine glasses...

Miss Nicolette watched, and her two assistants mouths dropped down in shock. Though Migel was impressed how Miss Nicolette could keep her cool. She simply crossed her arms, and waved a finger for Migel to come to her. With a nervous grin he did. "Lunch break" said a woman at the cashier as she walked away.

In Miss Nicolette's office she said to Migel, "That was about half of a million dollars worth of things. I'm afraid your going to have to work for us until it's all paid for. Not to worry, we have a place you can stay while your here. Racheal Romane has been really asking for a new roomate." She asked one of her personal assistants to ask her over, and by Migel's surprise about 15 minutes later walked in the girl that made him feel like time stopped earlier. She had blonde hair, and dark green eyes. "Baby doll, I know you've been wanting a roomie lately and as it happens Migel here is a musician and needs a place to stay. Would you like to try it out? If he ever is naughty he can end up sleeping in the maids supply closet." Racheal giggled at that thought, and nodded that she will do it. Miss Nocolette said, "You have to do everything Racheal says Migel. She is in charge, you got that?" Migel said yes, and he offered a handshake to Racheal. She then ran up to him, ignoring his hand, and hugged him so tight he lost his breathe!

One of the burlesque girls asked, "Miss Nicolette, um why exactly did we have a 50 foot high replica of the castle of Chaumont-sur-Loire made entirely of wine glasses in the first place?"

"Well, somebody's got to have a hobby around here, and somehow we had an exceedingly large amount of wine glasses."

Later in Racheal's place, "I have an extra room that's there for any of the burlesque girls, and some of my past roomies have used it. Please don't redecorate. We need to keep it the way it is in case a new girl would like to stay in a couple months, or if your naughty." She opened the door to it, and it was a girly dreamland. Everything was pink, and purple with floral designs, an big comfy satin canopy bed, with many teddies and pillows, a pretty vanity area, and a closet so big it was a room in itself full of womens clothing, and skimpy burlesque outfits. He also saw a wall of picture frames with panties displayed inside them, and lipstick kisses above the panties, with names displayed in them as well.

"Racheal what are these?"

"Those are the girls that have stayed here. When they leave we frame their favorite burlesque panties, and they give a lipstick kiss for any new roomies that get to stay here. Maybe you can add your favorite panties, and give lipstick kiss too when you leave. *giggle*"

"Haha very funny."

"'Kay, so, have lovely time here." Racheal left the room with a big smile on her face, and Migel wondered around, and found there is not much room for his clothing. He sat down on the bed, but felt a bump under the bed cover. He reached under the covers, and pulled something out. It was a big 15" dildo, "eep!" He yelled, and jumped up as it flew across the room.

The next morning Migel woke up in the big satin bed, and he saw some clothing hanging on the door with a note. It said "Wakie wakie, here is your new uniform to wear while doing things Miss Nicolette wants you to do." He checked it out, and it was a pastel outfit with soft tight pants, and a white satin top with a floral vest. He thought, "This is so girly, how could I go out in this?" and he remember how much he owed Miss Nicolette, so he slipped on the clothing feeling like his masculinity is slipping away. Racheal was outside, and saw Migel. "Aww you look so cute! Come on honey, Miss Nicolette is waiting in her office then we can go have some breakfast. I got my purse have you gotten yours? *giggle*"

"Oh haha, and that's hilarious." Migel said with sarcasm.

Away they went, and Miss Nicolette loved his new look, and her burlesque girls couldn't stop giggling.

She said, "Mon amour I'm so happy you put on the outfit! This is the Sissy Femme Burlesque so I hope you don't mind that everyone here gets in touch with their femme side. Working with the lobby girl Sissy Julien would be lovely for a firstie. Every time she says you did anything bad and didn't mind her, I'll add an extra girly item to your outfit."

Migel said, "..but I have music skills, wouldn't you want me to be a part of the show?"

"I think I can find a spot for you later sweetie, but for now you two play nice together."

Migel went to work at the lobby that day, and he blushed so much being seen by so many people in that outfit. Sissy Julien was thrilled to see they got to work together, and gave him lots of hugs and kisses when she saw him. She said he could borrow some of her clothes she had when she just started out as a sissy. Migel blushingly said no and he said it's just because he has to pay back Miss Nicolette. Julien gave a sarcastic, "Mm hmm"

The next morning he found panties, and a bra hanging on the door, and a note that said, "Hi sweetie, Sissy Julien told me when she said to clean the desk you completely forgot to, and you didn't wear your name tag. So that's 2 things you didn't mind her on. So you have to wear bras and panties." Migel thought, "My goodness what will they do next if I slip up?" When he slipped on the panties and bra he was shocked at how much he loved the soft feeling of them on his skin and how they made him feel. Which made him confused.

He put on the rest of the outfit, and found it fit him much better than yesterday, and he wondered if he has slimmed down some, and his hair on his head grew a lot faster then it usually does. It was an inch longer than the day before.

Racheal came in and said, "Good morning sugar."

Migel asked, "Um Racheal do I seem a bit skinner to you, and does my butt seem rounder?"

"Oh let me see." She grabbed, and slapped his tushie. "Oh dear!" squeaked Migel. "Nope it seems fine to me!"

When he came in he got a whistle by someone passing by which made him blush. Sissy Julien gave him a big hug. She popped out a little make up mirror, and started to put on lipstick. Then she waved the lipstick in front of Migel's face and said, "Would you like some sweetie?" Migel shook his head no. "Oh your no fun." she pouted.

Later that night after being Sissy Julien's assistant. Migel was in his new girly room, and after looking at the lovely lingerie in the closet he kind of got curious what it would be like after how sweet he felt in the panties. He slipped on a soft pink baby doll, and decided to cuddle up with a teddy that was on the bed, and drifting away into a beautiful sleep. He thought something was as if he has been hearing soft sweet hypnotic music under the sound of an air conditioner going, but before he could think about it too much sleepiness overcame him.

The next morning Migel awakened feeling very happy, and giddy. Glancing over to see if something was there for him for being naughty, he instead saw Racheal giggling at how cute he looked.

"Oh my, you are a little sissy, aren't you. Somebody got a hold of a baby doll gown!"

Migel very surprised said, "Oh Racheal, it's not what it looks like!.."

"Sure it isn't cutie. Guess what Miss Nicollete has for you now."

She pulled out from behind her a short satin skirt, and a frilly blouse. "Sissy Juliet said you didn't mind her when you didn't help her redecorate the lobby for our Little Miss Bo Peep Show, and you didn't help a burlesque girl into her outfit. Now you get to look cute as can be in these! Stand up so you can get dressed!"

Racheal helped Migel put on the outfit over panties and a bra. Migel looked into a mirror, and Racheal giggled at how she saw a little bump form in the skirt. Migel wondered what happened to his leg hair which was now almost invisible peach fuzz. He didn't think it was possible but he was skinnier than before and his waist was more curvy. Racheal said, "Oh hun, to wear a cute short skirt like that you need some lovely legs to go with it, lets make them smooth and shiny." She led him in the bathroom, and shaved his legs.

Later that day Sissy Julien loved Migel's new look! Sissy Julien even added a little flower for Migel's hair. Migel also got some lipstick kisses from some of the customers, just like Siss Julien got when he first came in. He couldn't believe it but he was turning into a cute sissy girl just like her! He felt his satin skirt just to try to get a feel for the situation, but instead it made Migel feel very turned on.

After they were finished, Sissy Julien had an idea that she would take him out shopping. They went to a stylist, and they applied lipstick, and gave Migel long nails, with lots of makeup to take back home, and they styled his short hair into a pretty girls short style.

Migel looked in the mirror, and he couldn't believe how beautiful he felt, and it felt so amazing being pampered! Sissy Julien took Migel back to her place to try on lots of her outfits. She had a lot of sexy adult role playing outfits that they put each other in. They eventually came back to Racheal's place giggling in sexy bunny outfits, and they decided to sleep in the big satin bed cuddling each other.

As morning arose Migel thought how much he loved last night when they made sweet love to each other as softly touching, and fiddling fingers were carressing sleeping Sissy Julien, and as they explored Migel's eye's popped open wide as they felt two new small developing breasts on his chest. He looked over to see if anything was there for being naughty, but he disapointedly saw nothing was there. Migel guessed he was a very good sissy yesterday.

Racheal came in with a lavishing, and sparkly burlesque girl outfit in her hands. She said, "Hi babe, guess what you get to wear for your new gig! Miss Nicolette did promise you a place in the show after all, and I'm sure you will be such a cutie in this!" Migel was stunned, and let Racheal slip it on. Migel felt glittering with beauty.

He asked, "Racheal, does it look like I have budding breasts to you?" Racheal smiled and said, "Okay, I think I can let you in on what's been going on now. Ever since Miss Nicolette first saw you sing she loved it, and she knew thousands of sissies before, and knows one when she sees one. That's why she invited you here. She wanted a lovely new burlesque girl that can sing like an angel just as you did. As for the big domino's glass boobies incident, that was real, yyyeeaah, you still have to make up for that. Also, we kinda had hypno music in this room, and I've been adding a little extra ingredients to your breakfast so your body can be a nice devoloping sissy girl, but, none of that works at all unless you were already a sissy to begin with. They were just enablers of what you already had inside you. It was someone wanting to come out. Almost every girl here is a lovely sissy just like you."

Migel's mouth dropped in surprise, and then he hugged her, "Racheal? Can you call me Michelle?" Racheal said "I'd love to!" Sissy Julien was up, and adoring the whole thing, "Come on sweetie, lets show the burlesque girls the new the new burlesque babe!" Michelle cheered, "Yeah! *giggle*"

(Feel free to share this with anyone as much as you like! You can even make the drawing into a cute wallpaper!)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sissy Baby Goldilocks, and the Three Teddy Bears

Hi dahlings! Yes it's been a while since I made a new sissy baby drawing and story, >.< but I have plenty more on the way! I wanted to do a fave classic fairytale story this time, with my own little touch. ^_^ This story is best read in a thick diaper cuddling a teddy!

Sissy Baby Goldilocks, and the Three Teddy Bears

On a bright summer day, in a little cottage in a forest, there lived an adult baby girl named Silvia Ringlets. She was born with glistening silver hair, and always loved being a sweet baby girl at heart. She Lived with a couple who wanted to be her AB Mommy, and Daddy. Silvia Ringlets called them Mommy Bela, and Daddy Benny. In her nursery Mommy Bela dressed her in a short lavender satin baby doll dress with a pink petticoat underneath showing her fluffy diaper. Mommy Bela always loved to style Sivlia's hair in ringlets, and at the moment Silvia was lavishly dressed to play tea time. She had the most distinguished guests, three large mommy, daddy, and baby teddy bears. Mommy Bela came in for tea time wearing a tiara, and an elegant corset dress garnished in organza. Daddy Benny wanted to join in too! He came in with a white tuxedo cane, and a top hat. Suddenly they realized they were all out of rasberry, and peppermint tea. It just wasn't tea time without them. It was their favorite! They decided to all go out to the local tea shop to buy some, and it will give them a chance for everyone to see them in their gorgeous outfits!

As they left the cottage someone with long golden blonde hair was walking through the forest, and his name was Glenn. Just out of a college, he has walked a long way to go back to his home. He was exhausted, and needed to rest. So he sat down, and reached out the last bagel in his pack. He thought about how he met so many beautiful girls at the college, and they wanted to play with his golden blonde hair a lot. He didn't mind so much getting such attention from them. A little squirrel walked up to him with big cute eyes. Glenn said, "Aww are you hungry? You want a piece of my bagel?" Glenn tore off a little piece from the bagel, and reached out his hand. Then the squirrel looked at him like it was thinking, "Are you kidding me?" The squirrel leaped on him and ran all over his body until he grabbed to big piece of the bagel, sprinting away as fast as his little legs could go. Glenn said, "Hey! My bagel! I say! If you could kindly bring that back to me I'd appreciate it very much!" People always say he can be overly polite sometimes. Glenn then chased after the little furry thief.

He chased him through thick bushes, and on the other side revealed the little cottage, and saw the squirrel run inside. He gasped, and was happy to see some people may live here. He pondered for a minute, and thought maybe they will be nice people to help a traveler without food, or a place to rest. He cautiuosly walked around to the front of the cottage, and saw that the front door was left open. He knocked on the door, and yelled, "Um, please excuse me? Is anyone home?" He waited a minute and no one replied. He continued, "I'm just a weary traveler, and I was just wondering..." but he was interupted by suddenly seeing the squirrel in the house who seemed to be chowing down on the bagel, and leaning against what looked like a very expensive vase, about to tip it over. Shocked, and not sure what to do he tried to get the squirrel's attention.

"Pst! Pst! Um squirrel? Helllooo?"

"Squeak?" said the squirrel, not changing much of what it was doing.

"Yes, please stop that."

The squirrel nodded it's head "Squeak." it replied, however it only leaned on the vase more which made it fall.

Glenn jumped in the cottage, and caught the vase in the air, and the squirrel amazingly leaped out of the cottage. Carefully setting the vase up again, then his jaw dropped at what he saw. Chocolate covered strawberries, orange blossom infused chocolate truffles, lime curd mini tarts, scones, biscuits, cucumber finger sandwichs, and three bowls of porridge. They were all on a cute table that looked like it was made for a dollhouse.

Glenn thought he probably shouldn't do what he was thinking of doing, but he couldn't resist after walking such a long way with no food. He felt so naughty slowly reaching for a chocolate truffle, and taking a teeny bite. Suddenly he threw care to the wind, and dived right in! Oh he was in chocolate strawberry heaven, and the curd tarts were simply 'le magnifique'! He tried the first bowl of porridge, but it was too hot, and it burnt his tongue, and the chair was too hard to sit on. Then he took a sip of the second bowl of porridge, but it was way too cold. "Hmm, it might have been sitting out too long." he thought, and the chair was way too soft. It was like he sank into it. He then tried the third bowl. It was strawberry flavored, and the tempature was just right! Infact it was so good that he ate it all up! He noticed the childish chair had springs under it which made it bounce. He felt a bit silly, but he had fun bouncing away on it, but suddenly he was shocked when it broke apart. He felt so sorry about that.

He stepped backwards, and fell into another chair which was different, and made some sort of helmet come down on his head. It turned on something, and he felt a wind rush through his hair, and then a mist was sprayed into his hair. Then the helmet lifted. He got up, looked in a mirror, and gasped. His golden blonde hair was put into girly ringlets! He watched them bounce as he swished his head back and forth. He was in disbelief, but suddenly his sleepiness overcame him, and he saw three big fluffy teddy bears by the table, and thought they were like giant pillows.

He saw the big daddy teddy bear, and let himself drop onto it, but it was so large the cushion was like a quick sand which covered his whole body. He tried to push the cushion out of the way, and get up. Then he let himself fall onto the mommy teddy bear, but it was almost too big, and about right, but he was suddenly covered in a pretty silk, and satin dress. It made him have wonderfully lovely feelings he hasn't really felt before. It made him feel a bit confused, so he got up, trying to block that out of his mind. Then he tried out the baby teddy bear. He loved it! The cushion was just right, so he cuddled up against it as he blissfully drifted into sweet dreams.

The cottage family finally arrived with a new batch of lovely rasberry, and peppermint tea in hand. Baby Silvia Ringlets got a new dolly to play with. However immediately they noticed something was amiss. Daddy Benny said in his deep booming voice, "Someone has been eating my porridge." Mommy Bela said in her lovely and graceful voice, "Someone has been eating my porridge as well." Then Baby Silvia Ringlets said in her cute high pitched baby voice, "Oh my, thomeone hath bien eating my powwidge, and it aww gone!"

Daddy Benny then looked at the teddy bears and said, "Someone has been laying on the daddy teddy bear." perhaps without being very observant. Then Mommy Bela looked, and said, "Someone also was laying on the mommy teddy bear." Baby Silvia Ringlets walked up to the baby teddy bear, and said, "Thomeone hath been waying in tee baby teddy weddy an here she is!"

Mommy Bela, and Daddy Benny looked at the adorable vision in golden curls they saw before their eyes, cuddling a big teddy bear. Baby Silvia said, "She also ith a wetsy betsy just wike me. *giggle* Thee Mommy Bela, she hath a wet spot." Glenn didn't know when he ate Baby Sylvia Ringlet's porridge it had extra ingredients that make her wet her diaper.

"Goodness, if she is an AB girl like you sweetie maybe she needs a panky wanky on my lap for coming into our cottage like this. Then sent to her AB Mommy and Daddy." said Mommy Bela. "Oh but Mommy wommy I've been wanting so bad anoter baby girl to pway wit. Can she thay, and be pampered wike a pwincess wike me? Tehe!" Both the Mommy and Daddy said she could stay. Daddy Benny looked a bit closer and said, "I think the new adult baby girl is maybe a boy, but a very pretty one." Mommy replied, "Oh, or better yet maybe she is a sissy baby who wants to be a girl. Well we certainly don't mind helping her with that." Mommy Bela thought it would be a good idea to change her into some dry clothing, maybe borrowed from Baby Sylvia Ringlets closet, and that she be thickly pampered.

Later that day, Glenn slowly opened his eyes from a very nice sleep. He got up, and walked feeling thick cushion between his legs. He thought, "Oh my gosh! I'm wearing a diaper! Where's my pants? The people who live here must have caught me, and did this to me as a punishment! Aww now I'm in a pickle!" He had a pacifier in his mouth that had a ribbon that tied around his head, and with thick baby muffin gloves. He couldn't untie anything. He thought he couldn't leave with no pants on, and a wearing a thick diaper. "What must I do?" he thought as he felt himself suddenly wetting his diaper like a baby. The formula he had earlier was still working. "Oh dear! Now they really will think I need diapers!"

Mommy Bela came in the room, and Glenn saw a beautiful lady in a gorgeous dress holding a very baby girlish dress in her hands. "Oh baby is awake! I'm so happy! Now we saw that you entered into our little home without asking. Maybe because baby heard of another baby girl in the village, and got a bit too excited hehe. However, that is still a big no no, and very rude, so you'll need a punishment sweetie. It will start with some pank wankies on Nanny Bela's lap. Now hop on sissy girl." Mommy Bela was able to easy make Glenn lay on her lap with Glenn's bottom way up ready to be spanked. With many whacks Glenn now had a pink bottom. Mommy Bela flipped Glenn around opening a lid on the pacifier, and she was able to attach a baby bottle to it where he had no choice but to drink up. "Now this is a drink especially for naughty sissy baby girls. You just won't be able to help but make wetsies for months." Glenn thought, "Oh no!" as he could already feel him wetting his diaper some more.

Once Glenn was finished drinking it all Mommy Bela let Glenn off her lap, and told Glenn to lift his arms as she slipped the cute and pretty baby doll dress on him. It was in lovely lace, and pink satin with a fluffy petticoat underneath. Glenn felt surprised at how beautiful, and sweet he felt wearing it! Like he felt a part of him that was missing for a long time, and he kind of liked the tender and loving care from Mommy Bela. He looked in a mirror, and saw how much of a cute baby girl he makes!

Mommy Bela wanted Glenn to hold her hand, and she walked him to Silvia Ringlets nursery. As they entered Glenn heart skipped a beat as he saw how adorable her nursery was with an adult baby sized crib. He wondered if he was dreaming. Silvia Ringlets said, "Hi I simpwee wuv how pwetty you look in one of my dwessies. Goodness, your hair is as shiny as mine! I was born wit silver hair, and you have beautiful long golden hair. What an amazing match! May I caw you Goldilocks?" Glenn's face lit up with joy! Glenn, now Goldilocks loved the idea of being called that!

Since Goldilocks was fresh out of college she thought she could move out of her old house, and finally move into any one she wanted, so she eventually moved in with the lovely AB family in the cottage, and lived happily ever after.

(Feel free to share this with anyone as much as you like! You can even make the drawing into a cute wallpaper!)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

*Summer Time Sissy Baby*

*Summer Time Sissy Baby*

Cid, who was 19 with red hair, skinny and about 6 feet, found out his girlfriend Kylie was going away for the summer, but he had an idea. His Step Aunt Belicia just so happened to have a cottage-like beach house right next to where she's staying. He could stay there for the summer to get to see his girlfriend. Belicia has a very feminine style throughout the house and had a lot of guests over who were mostly girls around his age. He wondered if he would have to stay in one of her very girly guest rooms and he gulped, but it is worth it if he got to see Kylie. He packed his bags and was on the way.

Once he arrived Belicia gave him a hug "Oh!" Cid said as he noticed she was a little wet from swimming in the ocean just outside her house she said, "Hi sweetie! Lets get you all set in your room." As she led him around the house he noticed a nursery and diapers in various parts of the house and thought a baby must live here too. Then she showed him his room. It was decorated with pink designed walls with a frilly canopy bed, with teddy bears and dolls scattered everywhere. "Aww couldn't you have remodeled before I arrived?" said Cid. "Nope, I have a lot of girls who visit here and I don't want you to change anything in this room. If I see one thing gone, you will be put in panties for the rest of the summer, and you'll be put in more girly things with the more things I see missing."

Suddenly a cute little puppy pranced the room. "Meet Bitsy!" Belicia said picking the puppy up and snuggling him. "I'll leave you to unpack and Bitsy can help." She put the puppy down on the floor so he could roam around as Belicia left. Cid said "Hi Bitsy, Belicia has got you trapped here too huh?", as he was unpacking his underwear he heard a *Chomp!* and Bitsy was pulling on the underwear in his hand. "What? Oh no, let go Bitsy! Bad doggie!" He thought for a little puppy he had an amazing pull. Bitsy finally let go and Cid landed on his tush. Before Cid could get up Bitsy happily pranced over to the drawers full of panties and ran around the room with panties in his mouth.

"Oh no! If Belicia finds one of those missing it's panties for me!" Suddenly he heard Belicia say, "Cid what is that sound?" After running around in circles Bitsy dove into the room across the hall before Belicia could see and before Cid could catch him. Belicia came in and gasped.

"Cid have you been playing with the panties? You naughty boy! Did you hide them?"

"Umm, no Bitsy took them and ran into that room! See?"

Belicia saw Bitsy prancing out of the room but he didn't have any panties in his mouth. Belicia went in there to find them. "Cid I don't see them in here at all." she said after looking for a while. "You know what that means sweetie." As she walked towards the panty drawer. "Oh! It looks like you left the most frilly panties in here too. You must love them huh sissy boy?"

"Aww no Belicia I'm not a si.."

Belicia slapped him on the behind. "Don't be a pouty sissy or you'll get a lot of spankies." She pulled down his pants and boxers and then slid the satin frilly pink panties on him. "There you go sweetie! You look adorable with them on!" She said as she slid the pants up over the panties. "Aww they are so frilly they puff up your bottom too! *giggle*" Now you'll wear panties from now on for this whole summer. I don't want to see you without them or you will be wearing more girls clothing! You can go do what you want now, just be back before 10pm." Cid blushed wondering what Kylie would think. He felt very eager to see her though and rushed off thinking she wouldn't notice anyway. As he walked to her beach house he saw her on her patio with her friend Maddy.

They ran to hug each other, "I'm so glad to see you honey!"

Kylie said. "I'm glad to see you too!"

"Cid this is my friend Maddy, she's from Russia." Cid said hi, and then Kylie felt his tushie and giggled.

"Your bottom is poofy."

"Uhh" stammered Cid.

"Oh, what do we have here?"

Kylie reached around and pulled his pants back to see his frilly panties, "Aww! *giggles*" Kylie said as Maddy became curious and asked what is it. "Look at what my boyfriend is wearing." Kylie said pulling the panties out and practically giving Cid a wedgie.

"Mmm v'ell, ahn't you zeh kinky one." said Maddy with a grin.

"uh..uh..I can explain." said Cid then Kylie interupted and said, "If he wants to wear frilly panties, lets give him a make over!"

Kylie and Maddy squealed in delight. They pulled him inside. When they sat him down on a bed next to their vanity and makeup table Cid said, "Wait, wait, the only reason I'm wearing these is because Bitsy the puppy stole panties in the room I'm staying in and Belicia thinks it was me so she made me wear these as a punishment."

Maddy said, "Hmph, likely story."

"Aww but don't you want to get a make over, I love a boyfriend who is not afraid to get in touch with his feminine side." Kylie played her fingers up Cid's body and kissed him on the neck. Cid was now completely in a daze and said "Kay.."

"Tell you what, if you don't absolutely love your new look you can go to your Aunties in your boy wear, but if you do you will go to your Aunties as pretty as we make you. How's that?" Cid agreed as he thought there is no way to would like it. "Oh goodie! Now pucker up honey! This is totally your lipstick shade!" They applied make up on him for 30 minutes and gave him a wig with lovely long blonde hair with big curls and a bow on top of it. They showed him to the mirror and was amazed at how much of a cute girl he looked like. He was stunned, and suddenly he got very hard in his pants.

"Oh my, I tink zat is a sign is loves it. *giggle*" said Maddy.

"*giggle* Yes hun, your little sissy tinkle doesn't lie hehe. It looks like my sissy is going home with her new makeover."

So Cid said his bye's, and left with his new look. He couldn't believe what was happening. He is walking home looking almost as cute as Kylie he thought, with nail polish, makeup a wig and with frilly panties on, and on his way to see Belicia who would love to see him like this. As he approached the beach house he had an idea. He sneaked Belicia's bathroom through the window and grabbed her makeup remover. Then he washed it off in the sea. He came back all wet.

"Umm, we went swimming." He told Belicia as he greeted her. Belicia helped him get out of the wet clothes and gave him a new dry pair of panties to wear.

"Aww" Cid pouted.

"That's the rules sweetie, and you can only go to bed in just those hehe." Now he felt completely like a sissy, sleeping in a frilly satin canopy bed in just panties and with teddy bears all around him. Belicia turned out the lights and nursery music came on.

"It helps my other girls sleep and it can't be turned off because it is from a speaker in the wall, so you will need to keep it on. Kisses and night nighty sweetie." Belicia said.

A couple hours later while everyone was asleep, Bitsy quietly snuck in the room and opened up as many drawers as he could taking out all sorts of clothes, and even many teddies and dollies.

In the morning Cid felt he had a wonderful feeling. It was almost like the music was making him think differently but he couldn't put his finger on it. He saw the frilly satin bed and remembered he had on panties, a feeling of intense passion and arousal came over him that he never felt before. As he sat very confused by these feelings Belicia came in and opened the window shutter to help him get up. "Rise and shine, princess, hehe." Then she noticed all the drawers rummaged through and some other things missing. "Oh dear, where are did everything go?" Belicia walked over to the bed and removed the covers.

"Oh it looks like you do like wearing panties, you couldn't be anymore stiff babe. It is like you want me to make you wear nothing but girls clothing from now on."

Cid said "Oh wait, I didn't do this, Bitsy must have come in and took things again."

"That story again? Tsk tsk tsk, you need a spanking and for me to put in a pretty outfit like a sissy." Belicia put Cid over her knee with Cid's bottom sticking up and he got 10 spankings. Cid rubbed his bottom afterwards, and Belicia made him a pink perfumed bubble bath.

"Miss prissy pants need a bath before I get her into her lovely new outfits."

Cid thought he might run but for some reason he felt very submissive to Belicia, a lot more than yestarday. Once he dipped into the bath he was surrounded in beautiful aroumas that made him feel more wonderful then he has ever felt before. After he finished washing he noticed he was now hairless from neck down. His whole body is now smooth. Belicia then had a tight satin floral dress with frilly trimming to wear that was very short and also showed Cid's new satin panties. She also gave him cute strappy high heels to wear. Then it was time for make up and fitting a wig with long red hair with shiny long red curls. Cid looked in the mirror and saw what a gorgeous girl Belicia made him. He thought if he saw a girl like that he would definitely date her. Then he felt shocked and very turned on the he looked this hot.

"Oh no! I can't be thinking these thoughts! I'm a guy!" he thought to himself, but an overwhelming feeling of wonderful girly feelings kept burying those thoughts.

"I wonder what your girlfriend would think." said Belicia.

"Why do you say that?"

"Cuz she is outside waiting for you, I'll just let her in."

"No wait!"

Kylie came in and gasped at how cute and pretty he looked. "Aww, you did really like our day of fun yestarday. I wish I could dress you up in adorable outfits like this everyday, like my own little dolly!"

Belisia said, "Oh he will be at the very least this whole summer, he trashed his girly room just so I would punish him and make him wear girly clothes."

"He did? What a naughty sissy, should I spank our Miss Pouty Panties?"

"Nope, I already did this morning."

"Aww I may do it later just for fun hehe."

Cid interrupted, "I'm not a sis..." he was shocked at how his voice was getting much lighter, and then suddenly he wet his panties. "Oh my, Miss Wetsie Panties can't control herself. Maybe I should put you in didees, and treat you like a baby dolly instead hehe" said Kylie.

"Oh I have plenty of diapers in our nursery we can use!" added Belicia.

"No, no, I'll be a good sissy and not wet myself from now on." said Cid, wondering why he called himself that suddenly.

"Okay hun, but if you do it one more time me or Belicia will slip a nice comfy didee on you. Now go clean yourself up and put on some new panties." As Cid left Belicia and Kylie got to talk. "Thanks for taking in my sissy Belisia, He tries to act like a guy but I found him looking at tons of sissy websites. There is over 50 in his favorites list and in the middle of our relationship I found out I'm actually a lesbian, and I didn't know how to tell him. I love the idea of having my own sissy baby girlfriend. When I found out you make guys into sissy babies it was just perfect."

"Aww I'm happy to help darling! I've had a sissy baby nursery for years, and you are welcome to bring her over for babysitting when the summer is over, there are lots of other baby girl friends I'm sure she would love to meet. Now, how about we help Sissy Cid find a totally cute outfit to wear?"

"Can we introduce her to my large strap on collection tonight?"

"Oh that sounds like fun!"

Throughout the summer Cid was babied and feminized by Belicia and Kylie, and even started to grow breasts, they felt it was only good to call her Sissy Cindy from now on.

(Feel free to share this with anyone as much as you like! You can even make this into a cute wallpaper!)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

*Sissy Science*

Dr. Gabe was fiddling around with some formulas for molecular alteration when he got a note saying how the university has new owners it is now named Feminina University. Gabe thought "That is sort of a relief, it was embarrassing that they were called Varvard University before, it was like we were a parody of Harvard. But why Feminina? What does that mean?" The next day he heard they are replacing people. He suddenly felt pretty nervous. He went to get a drink when he noticed his assistant Ben was staring at a door, wide eyed, like he was shocked about something.

"Umm, are you okay Ben?"

Ben said, "I've seen things."

Gabe thought he was being very weird. "What things would those be?"

"That room only has one way in doesn't it?"

"Well yes it does."

"I think they are replacing people in there and I've seen hundreds of people go in there but only different people come out. I don't think the room is that big, a..annd the people that always come out are these smoking hot women."

Gabe was about to say something when Ben said, "Wait! Here comes another one watch this."

In came a guy looking like he was in his middle ages whistling his way in the room. The door closed and suddenly a bright flash of light shined through the door seams. The door opened and out came a stunning beauty in heels, a short tube dress. She glanced seductively at Gabe and Ben then walked away. Both of their mouths dropped wide open. Then someone from in the room came out and asked "Ben Bailey can we please see you in here?"

Ben gulped and said "Um, what for?"

They said, "Mr. Bailey get in here or its your job."

"Um okay."

He said to Gabe "This is it, tell my cat I love him."

"Um, you got it buddy."

He hesitantly walked in and when the door closed and it was like a wall of energy suddenly appeared and was quickly moving towards him. As soon as it touched him he could feel his body changing. His chest suddenly started bud out into two big breasts, his body fat moving around to give him sexy curves, even his clothing changed and waves of pleasure filled his, now her entire body, her hair turned blond. Ben tried to look over and saw there were energy outlets coming out of a frame in the door. She quickly grabbed a pen she keeps behind her ear and jabbed the pen into them, making the whole thing short out as she passed out on the floor. Curiosity and worry for his friend got the best of Gabe. So he quickly ran into the room but all he saw was a couple of girls in lab coats sitting around.

He asked "What is going on in here??"

"Oh nothing." said one of the girls

"Where did Ben go?"

"He left" she points towards another door in the room. Gabe realized there was in fact another way out.

Then another girl said, "Don't worry, he is just moving to another university. While you are getting a lovely new assistant."

"Oh ookkkaay, but what is that bright flash of light I keep seeing?"

"Jen keeps turning on that 75 inch plasma screen TV and I keep telling her to turn it off, silly head hehe." Gabe looked and did see a big TV in the room.

He felt a little embarrassed and said "Whoops okay that's fine, go ahead and go back to what you were doing."

Mean while Ben slowly began to open her eyes and she heard voices saying,

"She is such a cutie! Oh if I could have a taste of those sweet lips."

"No Bambi, bad girl."

She saw she was in a bed with three ladies over looking her. Ben sat up and tried figure out what was going on. She felt very turned on like her whole body was very sensitive. For some reason she felt an overwhelming sensation to want to be sweet and feminine, but she could remember everything. One of the ladies said, "Hi I'm Ariella, this is Kiki and Bambi." Kiki interrupted Ariella, "But Mistress this one may have only been transformed half way, are you sure you want to tell her all about us?" Ariella looked at Ben with much suspicion and then said, "Honey, how would you like to be called Bethany Blow Bailey?"Ben gasped and paused for a moment and then said, "Yes I'd love that Mistress."

"Whats your fave outfit pants or dresses?"


"Socks or stockings?"


"How do you feel?"

"Like I want to make out."

"Very good, now Versele or Bella Fad?"


"Good! That was a trick question. Both are bad fashion labels. Now I have a drink here which can tell you everything."

Bethany wondered what she meant but as soon as it entered her mouth it was like a wave of information entered her mind. She saw that they are aliens from another planet called Femininas who procreates by finding other species on other planets and turning them into sex slaves with the mind of bimbos. Naturally that is kind of hard but they live for millions of years so they have a lot of time to find out how to do it. Their species has one gender and their culture highly values beauty and cuteness. So they bring that out in their lovers.

Ariella said, "So are you ready to begin your new life Bethany baby?"

Bethany stumbled, "I..I..guess so, I mean yes."

Back at Feminina University, a lady came into Gabe's lab and said, "Dr. Gabe, meet your sweet new assistant Bethany."She left and he saw a gorgeous blond haired girl come in with a short skirt, frilly blouse and a lab coat. Gabe was speechless. It was never easy for him to speak to girls he thought was very attractive.

Bethany came up to him and said, "Hi sweetie pie, tehe." Bethany stopped herself to try to compose herself and not let the bimbo feelings they gave her take over her mind. She tried to remind herself that this is her best friend, but what didn't help was she got very turned on just thinking about his package.

"Okay Beth, try to say something that doesn't sound completley bimboish." she thought to herself.

"I need to tell ya something, lovey boy." Bethany covered her mouth and composed herself again. Then she went on to tell Gabe everything that happened and proved to him she used to be Ben. It was a lot to take in for Gabe and he couldn't believe there were aliens from outer space here to mate with us. Bethany said, "You don't believe me? Does this convince you?" she pulled out a flask and asked Gabe to take a sip. "I managed to quickly grab it from the aliens transformation drinks." Gabe tried it out and suddenly to his surprise, he grew two double-D breasts! "Holy chromosomes! I have breasts!" yelled Gabe. Bethany shushed Gabe and said, "That was only a sip so it will not go any farther than that." Gabe looked at the tag on it and said "Baby girl formula?? Was that the only one you could find??" Bethany giggled and said, "I had to think quick, what can I say?" Gabe said, "Well this obviously makes you a girl first." He said feeling his new breasts.

He sat and thought for a while, and then he jumped up and said, "I got it!" with his boobs bouncing perkily up and down. "I'll figure out how this is made and change the composition to make it effective on them as well. Not just humans,, can you do me a little favor? I need some Feminina alien DNA and I think most likely the only one part of their body that is truly Femina is when know, make love." Bethany's mouth dropped open and she said "Are you kidding me?" Then a surge of pleasure filled her body just thinking about them. "Oh that wont be problem doctor. *wink*"

Gabe started up researching the formula, and trying to figure out all the ingredients that go into it. Hours later Bethany came skipping in with a happy face an 4 tubes of white Feminina juice. Gabe was surprised. "Oh my, you certainly get around!" Bethany giggled and blushed. Later that day Gabe had flasks bubbling, the electricity pumping, the data computing, and the teddy bears tubing. "Its ready! We can make them into ab girls with just one spray!" Bethany didn't look as enthusiastic. Gabe said "What's the matter?"

"Well I think I let them know I'm still smart and not totally a bimbo while I was away. So they may be suspicious of me. If only we had someone that they were not suspicious of that can sneak in..hmmm.....Oh! What if you drink just enough of the baby girl drink so that you still have your intelligence but have the hottie body of a girl?"

"Uh don't be silly, that drinks effects are nearly impossible to reverse. I can't get used to being a girl. I don't have the face for it."

Bethany came up and snuggled him and then whispered into his ear. "You will."

Then Gabe said, "What if I don't know how to dress, or what if the baby girl drink makes me wet my panties?"

"Then I'll just have to diaper you like a baby and I can be your Mommy." Bethany began kissing him.


"But nothing, the fate of world is in your hands. We will all be sex slaves for nympho Mistresses, does that sound like fun to you???..........Okay maybe yeah, but it isn't something to force on people at least. That's a no no."

"Your right" Gabe picked up the flask, and Bethany got her note pad ready to see how much liquid changes his body so they could do it carefully. "Here goes nothing..or perhaps very much a something." Gabe gulped it down. "Wait!" said Bethany, "That's way too much at once!"

Gabes breasts grew even bigger and his figure reshaped. His hair grew very long and changed to a strawberry red. Gabe felt something in between his legs changing and becoming very sensitive. A shock wave girlish pleasure flowed throughout his, now her body. Her clothes even started to change and Bethany saw a diaper form. "Gabe it gave you diapers! Aww it looks like baby is going to need her Mommy to change her didees, huh sweetie pie."

Gabe felt her diapers on her and blushed. "Aww what a cutie you are now!" Bethany said.

"OMG Bethany I feel so different!"

"Would the new girl like being called Gabrielle?"

"Um, *giggle* That's a lovely name! Yes please!"

"Is my baby girl still a little miss smarty pants?"

"I think so, I remember everything we need to do, I can remember Genomics and Molecular Biology, but I also feel like playing with dollies!"

"Aww how sweet, we can get you some on the way back to the lab. Now lets go kick some Femina bootay."

Later in the head Mistresses office, Ariella said, "Ladies, can you please bring an adult baby girl? They are always so adorable." Then Gabrielle came in with 2 Mistresses holding her arms and collar around he neck that said Gabrielle. She was dressed in a baby doll dress and with stockings adorning her legs, a bow on her head and a hint of a diaper underneath her short dress. Ariella waved seductively for her to come sit next to her on the bed. Gabrielle didn't have much choice so she did. Ariella leaned in and began to passionately kiss Gabrielle on the neck and her hand slid their way up Gabrielle's body. She slid down her baby doll dress to reveal nipple rings on her breasts. Ariella began messaging them making Gabrielle give out a high pitch sissy moan in orgasm. Then Gabrielle slid a squirt gun out of the diaper and said "You call that a baby girl formula? Try this one on for size." Suddenly Ariella was squirted in the face. She said "What is going on??" As her voice began to get very high pitched, her thumb found it's way into her mouth and she was finding hard not to think like a 2 year old. Her clothes turned into a frilly sissy dress with a fluffy petticoat underneath and a very thick diaper. All the other Mistresses were so shocked and then they were sprayed too and turned into adult baby girls. "You've all been very naughty girls." she said as she walked away.

Soon the world learned of their story, and Gabrielle made sure to put the transformation formulas into the right hands so only people who want them could have them, except for any inmates who got out of line of coarse. Bethany and Gabrielle started their own company making transformation drinks for Sissies and AB's! With Gabrielle as their own sexy logo!

(Feel free to share this with anyone as much as you like! You can even make this into a cute wallpaper!)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Sissy Baby Art ~ *Mana Sama*

Hey! I wanted to make a drawing specially for Mana Sama because he helped a lot in starting the Lolita Fashion movement in Japan. It's where people dressed up like little girls in the cutest doll like dresses! I made Mana on a lovely horse carousel! I also made him in vector style! I didn't do a story this time because this is more of a tribute drawing. I'll definitely do a story on my next art piece though! I'll also come out with it faster then this time, I've just been a busy girl updating and helping out at Sissy Kiss and many more things. I know Mana usually likes to be more Elegant Goth Lolita *lol* I was too far into the drawing when I realized it make him more goth. I gave him a Sweet Lolita look anyway. Enjoy sweeties!

(Feel free to share this with anyone as much as you like! You can even make this into a cute wallpaper!)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

*Ice Skating Princess*

Hi! I wanted to make a drawing for the Winter Olympics! My most favorite sport in them is Figure Skating. They wear such gorgeous outfits and they look beautiful in the ice! I made a story for this one, so here it is:

.................................................. .....

For Cid's 19th birthday his girlfriend Stacy got him a 12 month stay at a figure skating camp. Cid has talked to Stacy all about how he wants to be a famous male figure skater one day. When he heard about it he was so ecstatic, but thought it was a little bit odd that Stacy seemed more ecstatic, and she even helped him pack his bags. Cid asked "Aren't you going to miss me baby?" Stay said, "Of coarse I will, but I know you will love it there!" They kissed and Stacy sent Cid on his way.

Once he got off the bus at the new camp, he saw how beautiful and cute everything was decorated. He thought it was a little more fem than he was used to but that's okay. A nice lady told him where to go to meet all the other skaters. When he entered the room he saw only girl figure skaters. Even though he dreamed about skating with such hotties once he laid eyes on them, he also wondered if he was in the right place. A lady blew a whistle and asked everyone to gather around. A girl from behind him took his hand and walked him over there. Cid asked her in hushed tones, "Um, am I in the right place??" The girl kept just urging him over and he said "but!" she replied, "shh!"

The lady who blew the whistle began to talk, "Hi ladies! I'm Miss Beehee, welcome to the lovely Ice Beauties Skating Camp! Here we will make you into the dancing Ice Princesses you want to be!" Cid's mouth dropped open. "Don't worry sweeties, soon you will get to pick out the delightful skating dress outfits and tutu's you'd like to wear, but first, I'll let everyone pick out a roomie. You will share rooms and help each other be the best skating beauties you can be."

The girls started mingling to find who they would think would be the best roomie. When they found them they would shout "Roomies!" and Miss Beehee would note it down. Cid thought this was a good time to ask Miss Beehee where the guys figure skating camp was. He said "Excus..." but suddenly a girl grabbed Cid's hand and lifted both of their hands up shouting "Roomies!" Miss Beehee took note "Cid and Natasha, got it." Cid looked over and saw she was a gorgeous blonde haired girl and made him go weak at the knees. He was surprised because girls like that are usually way out of his league and they usually slap him before he gets a chance to say anything, if he even ever tried to talk to them. Natasha smuggly smiled at him while Cid broke free of her grasp. He caught up with Miss Beehee. "Um hi, don't you find it odd that I'm a guy?"

"Not to worry hun, we had a lot of transgender gals like you who would like to be Ice Princesses just as much as the other girls. We have a lovely femininization program to get you on hormones and give you a petite and curvy ice skater girl figure so you can fit nicely into a pretty ice skating dress. We even have Tgirls like you go on to win World Championships." Cid replied "Oh, but I'm not a Tgirl, I'm just a guy who wound up here by mistake." Miss Beehee stopped in thought for a little bit and said "Come with me to my office."

They came in there and sat down. Miss Beehee pulled out a note "I have your camp joining request right here and it says, "Dear Ice Beauties Skating Camp, I'm a sissy girl who needs a firm hand to make me into the pretty ice skating pixie I've always dreamed of being. Please dress me up in the most girly outfits and teach me the most graceful moves. Hugs & Kisses, p.s. I love to pretend I don't like being treated that way. Please make me do it until I comply." So this is you pretending. There will be no more of that, we need our girls to be a 100% cooperative. So if I see you acting like you don't like it you will get an over-the-knee spanking by me."

Cid was shocked, he didn't write that letter. He wondered who could have done that. "Did Stacy write that?" He pondered. He thought of escaping but there wasn't any other civilization for hundreds of miles and he didn't have any way of transportation. He felt he had no other choice but to gulp and say "Yes Miss Beehee."

Miss Beehee smiled and led Cid into the dressing room where the girls where picking out skating dresses. There were ladies helping everyone dress. Miss Beehee whispered into their ears and they said "Oh we have a Tgirl with us, well sweetie, you won't be needing these boy clothes anymore." Outside the dressing room building a shirt, pants and briefs flew out of a window.

They slipped satin panties and pantyhose on his legs. They made his legs look so very pretty and shiny. He made an awkward expression. Then he saw Miss Beehee eying him so he quickly smiled. Next they started making him try on all sorts gorgeous and glittering girls skating outfits. Beautiful dresses in pink, yellow, aqua, green, or lavender. He felt like a dress up doll at the end. Eventually they decided on a pink dress for the girly Tgirl. For when he wasn't skating, they gave him girls satin short shorts to wear over his pantyhose with a set of frilly blouses. They made sure he had lots of new panties and bras too.

"Now we are going to show you to your new room you'll be staying in." Said the dressing ladies. Once there he gasped at how the whole room was pink and girly, with floral satin bedsheets and makeup vanities. Cid put down his bags when he heard the door knob turning and remembered Natasha is his new roommate. His cheeks were beet red at the thought of her seeing him like that. He thought "Oh no, a girl that is way out of my league finally maybe, sort of likes me and now she's going to see me like this." She walked in and she had a big smile on her face. "Oh you look so cute!" and she gave Cid a big hug. Cid said "Er, huh?"

"Don't play dumb with me. I know a sissy from a mile away. I had girlfriends before who were my boyfriends when we started dating. I've missed it very much. When I first laid my eyes on you I knew I wanted to make you my sissy baby doll!" Natasha excitedly said. Cid thought "Oh dear, I'm spending the next 12 months with her?" "but I'm not a sissy." said Cid.

"Really? Your in a very darling outfit for someone who isn't a sissy."

"Miss Beehee made me."

"Suuure" Natasha sarcastically said.

Natasha reached from behind and snapped Cid's bra. Cid jumped up "Eeep!" he yelled. "Your even wearing a bra!" Natasha giggled. Then she begged Cid to let her give him a makeover. Cid said no way at first but then remembered what Miss Beehee said if she saw him resisting and getting made over would convince her he can be good.

They started with a nice strawberry scented bubble bath that removed all the hair from his body except his eyebrows, and head hair. Next they moisturized and did mani's and pedi's. Finally once all the lovely makeup was finished Cid was shocked at what he saw in the mirror. He looked just like one of the girls!

Cid didn't know why but he was starting to like this. Natasha said, "Let me try something." She got some ribbons and put his hair in pigtails. She was in love with how juvenile Cid looked and she gave him a lollipop so suck on. He loved how cute he looked and said "Tank you Nadatha!" Cid suddenly realized he could only speak in a lisp! Natasha giggled and said "Surprise! The lollipop has ingredients that make you talk in a lispy baby talk. Just how I like my sissies to talk. My sissies are as cute as babies and I want you to act like that from now on." Cid asked "Oh noth, how wong doeth dee withpy dalk wath?"

"For a couple months, unless you try another lollipop again, and I'm sure I can persuade you to"

Cid pouted. Natasha giggled, "See, you are acting like a sissy baby."

The next day Miss Beehee had the girls learning stretching techniques. She saw Cid all made over in makeup and was happy to see he was accepting his sissy self now. Cid tried to speak and all the girls giggled and called him a baby. He said he wasn't a baby, but then somehow a wet spot started to spread in his leotard, which made the girls giggle even more and reinforced there name calling.

Miss Beehee patted his bottom and reassured him it was okay. She said he can go to the nurse to change into a new outfit. Cid was surprised when the nurse took off his leotard and slipped on a diaper underneath his bottom. She said it will help stop him from getting his pretty outfit all wet. She then slipped on an even more babyish ice skating outfit with a pink tutu.

Back in the rehearsal room Miss Beehee asked Natasha "Did you do that?" Natasha said "Yes Miss Beehee, I gave sissy Cid a drink that makes him have wetsies like a baby." Miss Beehee said, "Good girl, I'm sure Stacy is going to love what a sissy baby we will make Cid into. After we got a letter from Stacy telling us how Cid was secretly cheating on her with an figure skating girl I couldn't pass it up."

12 months later Cid turned into Sissy Baby Anastasia who became a famous adorable ice skater. She was mostly famous from her sheer cuteness. What could be cuter than a AB girl who is an ice skater? Everyone fell in love with her, especially AB Mommies and Daddies.

(Feel free to share this with anyone as much as you like! You can even make this into a cute wallpaper!)

*Sissy Baby Cupid*

Its Lovely Cupid! The adorable Sissy Baby Love Angel in his cute diapy & sucking on a pacy. There were Sissy Babies even in Ancient Roman times or at least many people have wonderful fantasies of lovely Sissy Babies with wings our Valentines Day today! Cupid is a pretty boy in diapers who likes to spread love to everyone. That sounds so familiar *giggle* I wanted to give my love to Cupid, especially since Valentines Day is on its way! My most favorite holiday of all!

(Feel free to share this with anyone as much as you like! You can even make this into a cute wallpaper!)


*giggle* "Its the BabyFemm-OMatic! Do you have you a naughty hubby who needs a spankie but the spankies haven't worked or have you caught him in dresses or diapers? Than this is perfect for you!"
Oh baby if that was me she would be pressing all the right buttons. Which of your buttons did this piccy press?

(Feel free to share this with anyone as much as you like! You can even make this into a cute wallpaper!)

*Barbie Sissy Babified Ken!*

Hi sweeties! Maybe many sissy babies did it to Ken if we got the chance to. I know I did. *giggle* Now Barbie is getting in on the fun!


A mover named Ken got a surprising call to help clear away antiques. They said it is in a land called Feliacity Castle. He never was called to do a castle before and excitedly got ready be on his way there. Once there he saw they were not kidding. A butler helped him find his way through the beautiful castle. He opened the doors to a gigantic room full of all sorts of peculiar things. The butler said "A certain princess needs everything in this room moved to her spouses house and I'd be careful if I were you", then the butler leaned in and whispered, "Some of these things are rumored to have a little magic." Ken rolled his eyes. The butler quickly took off. Ken said "Wait! How do I know what the address of this princess's spouse's house is?" The butler said "You will know what to do at the door."

Ken looked around gazing and wondering what everything around him was. He saw a glass peacock with a painting on every feather, an unearthly globe, a sculpture of a lady which was part tree, a metal fish big enough to be a submarine for one person, a door in the middle of the room and when he walked behind it, it disappeared.

In front of a horse carousel he saw a pretty dollhouse. He figured from everything he has seen, that would be the safest thing to move. As he looked closer at it he saw it was one of those Barbie Dream Houses, though it was more elaborate then any Barbie Dream House he has seen before. So he stretched, did a couple jumping jacks to get ready to lift this thing.

He tried to pick it up from the bottom, but his hand instead lifted up a switch instead. Suddenly a sparkling pink and lavender cloud swirled out of the dollhouse and engulfed him. Then everything went blank.

Awaking, he slowly opened his eyes. He saw he was in a different room. Everything around was so cute and pretty. Ken saw a blond girl poke her head into his sight. She said "Hi, I'm Barbie, whats your name?" Ken sat up from a couch and said "Er, um..I'm Ken". Barbie's face lit up with a smile. "Oh Ken! Your back! *gasp* Why is my baby in icky boy clothes? Don't worry sweetie, I have some darling outfits that will fit you nicely."

She rushed Ken into another room. Ken said, "Huh? What do you mean darling outfits?" Barbie shook her head, "Oh poor baby Kimmy, did you bump your head when you fell on the couch? Remember that you were my boyfriend, but you loved all the beautiful outfits girls would dress me up in more than I did. Even one day I caught you dressing up as a baby doll, so on Valentine’s Day in 2004 I told everyone we broke up so we could be together, with you as my cute sissy baby girl."

Ken tried to object but soon, in went a pacifier. He spit it out. Then a process went on of spitting it out and Barbie putting it back in multiple times. Finally before Barbie could put it back in Ken said "Wait! I'm not Ken, I don't even look like the Ken you know." Barbie turned Ken to a full lengthed mirror and said "Oh really?"

Ken was surprised to see his hair and eye color changed to the color of the Ken doll, but he had a more feminized body. It was more petite, curvy and he had breasts! Like a female Ken. Barbie hugged Ken and waved a cute frilly baby girls dress in front of him in the mirror. "See, you will look so cute in this!"

Then something sparked in him as he felt the satin dress on his body. His heart fluttered and his knees felt weak. There was something he hasn't felt before. He loved her babying him. He wondered, "Was this place making him feel this way?" He smiled and was surprised to hear himself giggle.

Barbie slipped the dress on him, then put baby booties on him, gave him frilly wristbands and decorated his hair with a bow. She patted his bottom, "Baby Kimmy needs a diaper or she will wet all over her pretty little outfit!" He blushed at her talking to him like such a baby. She was able to pick him up and place him on a babies changing table. Barbie powdered his bottom and placed a cushiony diaper underneath him.

He couldn't believe how sweet and secure he felt in Barbie's care she lifted the soft diaper over and snapped it together. He thought. "I can't feel this way, I'm not a baby." Then he felt himself already wetting his diaper just after thinking that. An amazingly sensual feeling overwhelmed his body! Surprised at how turned on he felt he said out loud "Oh my, I'm becoming attracted to being an AB girl!" He began crying, then Barbie cuddled up with him and said "Aww, that's how I like my cute Kim-kim. Would my sweetie like to be treated like a baby from now on?"

Barbie got a smile and cute nod in return from a Ken, now Baby Kimmy. Kimmy sucked on a baby bottle with Barbie's milk until she went asleep in the baby crib. Suddenly pink and lavender sparkles appeared around her as she appeared back at the castle. "So there you are!" Baby Kimmy opened her eyes to see it was the butler who said that.

"Aww you went in the Barbie Dream House didn't you?" Baby Kimmy tried to speak "Aba goo goo" but all she could say was baby talk. "It was set up to turn Princess Samantha's spouse into a baby whose name is also Ken. There isn't a way to undo the spell, but not to worry. We have a wonderful nursery that can fit the both of you. The dollhouse will be in the nursery as well, so the both of you can see Mommy Barbie anytime you want...this is why its so hard for us to find good movers these days." The end. ^-^

(Feel free to share this with anyone as much as you like! You can even make this into a cute wallpaper!)

*A Valentines Sissy Kiss*

Happy Valentines Day baby darlings! Valentines Day is my most favorite holiday! Remember people can give Valentines to their friends too, it doesn't have to be all just for romantic couples. Have a lovely time! ^_^

Now for the story,


One day a guy named Kevin heard music coming from outside his house. When he looked outside the window he saw the house across the street that has been for sale for months had new people living there. Suddenly he thought he saw the cutest gal he had ever seen before. She had long flowy light burnette hair, pretty blue eyes and was wearing short shorts. Kevin thought "I need to be more neighborly." So he went out to welcome the new neighbors. From their music he thought they must have been having some sort of welcoming party.

He gasped when he saw the same girl answered the door. "Um, hi I'm Kevin, I lived across the street and I wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood." He gave her flowers. In the mean time a dug up flower patch was apparent in front of his house. "Oh these are pretty! I'm Jennifer. Why don't you come on in?" They spent hours chatting about everything. Kevin was falling in love with her, but he thought it was strange when she said "Excuse me just a sec." and went into another room. Kevin could still see her from a mirrors reflection and he could have sworn he saw her snap her fingers and then a completely different outfit appeared on her out of mid air. She came back with an adorable and frilly party dress on.

He thought it was also strange when he joked "Since we are neighbors can I borrow your sugar?" She came back with some sugar as a gift, but then it started glowing. Jennifer acted surprised and took it away, then she came back with some non-glowing sugar. The time came for them to part ways. Jennifer said she had the most wonderful time and gave Kevin a kiss. Kevin went home in total bliss.

The next morning, Kevin was checking out the newspaper when he realized "Oh my gosh! Its Valentines Day! I have to get something for Jennifer!" He rushed outside the door but stopped and saw a Valentines Day present sitting outside his door. He looked around confused and said "Umm thank you God?" He picked it up and realized it was actually for him instead and it was from Jennifer.

That made him very excited and sat it down on a table. Then he saw a message on the back of a box of candy hearts, "Hey baby, I hope you enjoy these! hugs & kisses" When he opened the box he first ate the heart at the top that said "I want candy" he thought it was very yummy and something popped into his mind that made him want more. He picked up another heart that said "Double the fun"

As soon as the heart went into his mouth his shirt felt very tight. He looked down and was shocked to see two large breasts growing. They were so large the buttons in his shirt was about to pop. He paniced "How did this happen?? Is Jennifer enchanting me like what happened yestarday?"

He tried to resist but something was making him want more candy. He picked up another heart that said "Lil cutie" He popped it into his mouth and suddenly he was getting smaller. He shrank all the way down to 5 inches and got up and walked on the table. Everything was so big to him now. He looked at his reflection on the table and saw he looked very different. His face was more cute, and he was dressed in cute and frilly attire. "Oh my, I mustn't take another bite!" He said while placing another piece of heart candy in his mouth.

Shocked at what he just did he looked at what the heart said. "Wet dreams" He thought, "Hmm what does that mean?" Suddenly he began to wet his frilly satin outfit. He tried to clinch his legs together to stop the flow but it didn't work. He also felt another thing that got very small. He knew he shouldn't take another bite of a heart candy but the thought of taking another bite made him giggle and want it even more for some reson. He got another piece of heart candy and ate it.

He saw the hearts message said "Girly girl" Sparkles flew around his body and a new outfit appeared on him which was a beautiful frilly pink dress, lacy pink panties, with heart stockings, cute bow stilettos, and Kevin's hair was put in pigtails tied in bows. Kevin felt inbetween his legs and he found out he was completely a girl now. Kevin felt himself filled with girly thoughts.

She suddenly wanted to be called Kami. Kami wanted some more candy, so she reached for a piece of heart, put it in her mouth, now decorated with lipstick. On the other side the heart it said, "Be my sissy baby" Kami layed down and she felt herself being magically diapered and sparkles appeared around her mouth, which made a dumby appear. Suddenly Jennifer came in and saw little baby Kami happy and giggling surrounded by all of her hearts.

"I knew you'd like my present sweetie! When I first saw you I could see what you secretly had in your heart, with my magical touch and I thought it was so adorable! It was just all those nasty inhibitions that were getting in the way. I made a spell to set you free from them." Jennifer waved her glowing finger and made Baby Kami the same size as Jennifer again. "The lil cutie spell made you so small you couldn't escape and would be tempted by all that yummy candy. You can be my baby girl from now on hun. I'd love that very much." She took Baby Kami into her arms and kissed her. The end.

(Feel free to share this with anyone as much as you like! You can even make this into a cute wallpaper!)

A Nursery With A View

I awake feeling wonderful from the sweetest dream. I slowly open my eyes gazingly as I notice something odd. There is railing above my bed in cute pastel colors and my sheets feel so smooth like satin. At the thought that this isn't the bed I knew before I quickly sit up noticing a somewhat bouncy weight on my chest. I look down and *gasp!* I have breasts! Not only that, I am dressed in a mini dress with a cute crinoline petti underneath and I am wearing such girly stockings.

I looked positively like a sexy adult baby doll! Everything around me made me feel even more like one as I see I'm in a baby crib in the prettiest nursery! I felt I must lift myself out of the crib to see where I am. As I lifted my bottom I felt a fluffy cushion in between my legs and realized I must be diaper too! Like a baby! Suddenly as I tried to sit up some more I felt a steady stream in between my legs feeling my diaper making me feel even more like an infant. I thought to myself "I've never had any wet accidents before!"

I fought the urge not to tear up which would be more babyish of me and for some reason I felt an urge to hug the teddy in front of me to comfort me for everything I was going on. In the doorway I heard the sound of footsteps, very much like high heels. To my surprise I saw it was my wife Kimberly.

I ducked into the crib blushing at the thought of her seeing me this way. Happily going towards the crib she cooed at me saying, "What a cute wittle baby you make honey buns! I know everything is so shocking right now sweetie! You know how we tried everything to have a baby but we couldn't? Well I happened to find your collection of baby items and dresses you had nicely hidden away. Along with the videos you put on youtube of you prancing around in those cute adult baby outfits. I know this is what you really want sweetie. Since I have a Daddy thats rich and he has never been too fond of his little girl dating guys he was happy to pay for any surgeries and hypno sessions to get you more in touch with your inner baby girl. I'll bet my wittle sweetie is such a sissy she has wet her didee already."

I felt so flushed already I fleed to the other side of the crib which didn't help much. She pulled my diaper from my behind and had a peek. "Oh my, I have a little wetsy betsy! I think I'll keep you in your wet didee for a little while so you can get used to being my baby." From then on I knew things were going to be very different.

(Feel free to share this with anyone as much as you like! You can even make this into a cute wallpaper!)

*Sissy Princess Ballerina*

 Here is a sweet sissy baby ballerina getting ready for a darling ballet for sissies! They made sure to have an super fluffy and perky tutu so everyone can see Sissy's diapers covered in frillies! So everyone knows they need to be treated like a cute sissy baby! Now Sissy's Mummy wants to check and see if Sissy is wet!

(Feel free to share this with anyone as much as you like! You can even make this into a cute wallpaper!)

*TinkerBell & The Disney Fairies!*

Where do Sissy Babies get their cute Sissy Babiness? When they get a touch of fairy dust just after the fairies play in their Baby Bell Nursery. We have Rosetta sucking her thumby, Iredessa is drinking from her baby baba, Silvermist is making a lovely entrance, Fawn is cuddling her teddy and Tinkerbell is giggling with delight!

(Feel free to share this with anyone as much as you like! You can even make this into a cute wallpaper!)

The Disney Princes Sissy Babified PT.4 ~ Prince Charming from Cinderella

Cinderella's Prince Charming was magically transformed into an AB girl! I wonder what beautiful baby gowns the Fairy Godmother has for her to wear to the Ball! Now for the story:

One day in the Cinderella Castle decorators had arrived. Prince Charming asked Cinderella if she knew why they were there. She said its a secret but not to worry, he will find out pretty soon. The decorators went into a room but the Duke said Cinderella made this room private even to the Prince. After a week Cinderella said its ready. She led him into a room with her hand over the Princes eyes, asking him not to peek. As she lifted her hands the Prince saw it was a beautiful nursery for a baby girl. He thought the diapers really kind of big for little babies but they were cute! He asked Cinderella "Are you trying to tell me that your pregnant?" Cinderella shook her head "Nope." With a giddy smile on her face. She said for him to open a big present in the middle of the room. Its a gift from the Fairy Godmother. As the Prince opened it a wave of magic suddenly flew around his body and he felt him being transformed into a girl. His chest expanded, stretching his shirt to form two new breasts. While at the same time his outfit magically changed into a beautiful sparkling dress. She felt so feminine and sweet! Cinderella said "You look so darling honey! I made you into a girl because I found out how you've been secretly dressing up as a girl for months and not only that, a cute baby girl. I think I'll call you Princess Christie, formerly known as Prince. *Wink*" The former Prince was so surprised and she tried to speak. Its came out as cute baby talk. Princess Christie realized her dreams had suddenly come true. She gave a big hug to Cinderella saying "I wub you Mommy Cindiewella!"

(Feel free to share this with anyone as much as you like! You can even make this into a cute wallpaper!)

The Disney Princes Sissy Babified ~ Eric from The Little Mermaid

Enjoy sweeties! Its adorable sissy babified Eric, now Erica cuddling up with Mommy Ariel! I thought lovely coral bedding would be just right for this drawing. I'll draw the other Disney Princes Sissy Babified too! They will be cute Sissy Baby Princesses! So stick around for those coming up! I made a story for this drawing,

Every month or so Ariel would turn herself back into a mermaid for a little while to visit her father King Tritan. One day her Prince Eric wanted to surprise her by showing up as a merman for fun. That day Ariel was away and Eric snuck into the bedroom and seeing Ariel's beautiful makeup vanity. There were makeup bottles and magic potions on top of the dresser. Eric was so confused on which one does what, after 5 minutes perfume bottles were sprayed on him and moisturizer. Finally he found one that really looked like the potion he was looking for. It was a pretty glass swan spraying bottle, he thought it was a fish though. Eric sprayed it and suddenly he felt the room getting bigger or he was shrinking a little. His arms became more skinny, he saw his hands became more petite, as the shocked Eric gazed jaw dropped in the mirror. His pants felt tighter as he saw his hips and bottom were expanding and developing sexy feminine curves. His shirt expanded until the buttons popped off making two breasts bounce out exposed. He tried to call out for help as his voice became more and more high pitched. Ariel came home to the palace to an adorable girl about 18 years old at her vanity, talking and acting like a baby girl. Ariel giggled as she knew just what happened. It was her decoy potion to prevent anyone from stealing her other important magic potions Daddy gives her. Ariel thought of changing Eric back but she always fantasized about having an adorable baby doll like girlfriend. The cute baby Erica smiled back at her making baby talk and she thought, "Its time to make the bedroom into a nursery!"

(Feel free to share this with anyone as much as you like! You can even make this into a cute wallpaper!)

*Victoria Secret Collection - Heidi Klum*

Its's the lovely Baby Heidi Klum looking adorable in her nursery! Who would like to give her a changiekins? I thought I'd dabble in some pastie art! I'm going to be doing all the Victoria Secret Models. I mean that in both ways, hehe just kidding! Enjoy sweeties!

(Feel free to share this with anyone as much as you like! You can even make this into a cute wallpaper!)

*The Sissy Kiss Boutique*

Once you step into the lovely Sissy Kiss Boutique your sissy fancy will tingle with excitement! We have everything to make you the sweet baby girlish sissy you love to be! We have adorable dresses to dress babydoll in, our Femme and AB potions will magically transform you, we have cute and cuddly baby toys because you will just be eager to have them after being in our boutique and we have anything else you can think of!

(Feel free to share this with anyone as much as you like! You can even make this into a cute wallpaper!)

*Victoria Secret Collection - Karolina Kurkova*

Enjoy darlings! I made pretty baby Karolina playing with balloons on a lovely day in a garden! She is in diaper panties as frilly as the pretty flowers are!

(Feel free to share this with anyone as much as you like! You can even make this into a cute wallpaper!)

Monday, March 29, 2010

*Sissy Baby Link & Zelda*

Its Sissy Baby Link & Zelda! ^_^ Aren't they cute, I'll give it a little story, you can give it one too.

Link and Zelda were being chased by Gandadorf and they came upon the Enchanted Forest of Sissy Kiss. They found a village of fairies there. Link and Zelda told them that they were being chased and asked them for help. The fairy then sprayed fairy dust on them. This special fairy dust made them into adorable AB girls. When Gandandorf arrived Link & Zelda lurred them in with there cuteness and Gandandorf was sprayed with fairy dust to turn him into a sissy baby. Now Hyrule loves their new sweet AB girls and made a nursery in the Hyrule castle for Baby Link & Zelda.

(Feel free to share this with anyone as much as you like! You can even make this into a cute wallpaper!)