Tuesday, March 30, 2010

*Ice Skating Princess*

Hi! I wanted to make a drawing for the Winter Olympics! My most favorite sport in them is Figure Skating. They wear such gorgeous outfits and they look beautiful in the ice! I made a story for this one, so here it is:

.................................................. .....

For Cid's 19th birthday his girlfriend Stacy got him a 12 month stay at a figure skating camp. Cid has talked to Stacy all about how he wants to be a famous male figure skater one day. When he heard about it he was so ecstatic, but thought it was a little bit odd that Stacy seemed more ecstatic, and she even helped him pack his bags. Cid asked "Aren't you going to miss me baby?" Stay said, "Of coarse I will, but I know you will love it there!" They kissed and Stacy sent Cid on his way.

Once he got off the bus at the new camp, he saw how beautiful and cute everything was decorated. He thought it was a little more fem than he was used to but that's okay. A nice lady told him where to go to meet all the other skaters. When he entered the room he saw only girl figure skaters. Even though he dreamed about skating with such hotties once he laid eyes on them, he also wondered if he was in the right place. A lady blew a whistle and asked everyone to gather around. A girl from behind him took his hand and walked him over there. Cid asked her in hushed tones, "Um, am I in the right place??" The girl kept just urging him over and he said "but!" she replied, "shh!"

The lady who blew the whistle began to talk, "Hi ladies! I'm Miss Beehee, welcome to the lovely Ice Beauties Skating Camp! Here we will make you into the dancing Ice Princesses you want to be!" Cid's mouth dropped open. "Don't worry sweeties, soon you will get to pick out the delightful skating dress outfits and tutu's you'd like to wear, but first, I'll let everyone pick out a roomie. You will share rooms and help each other be the best skating beauties you can be."

The girls started mingling to find who they would think would be the best roomie. When they found them they would shout "Roomies!" and Miss Beehee would note it down. Cid thought this was a good time to ask Miss Beehee where the guys figure skating camp was. He said "Excus..." but suddenly a girl grabbed Cid's hand and lifted both of their hands up shouting "Roomies!" Miss Beehee took note "Cid and Natasha, got it." Cid looked over and saw she was a gorgeous blonde haired girl and made him go weak at the knees. He was surprised because girls like that are usually way out of his league and they usually slap him before he gets a chance to say anything, if he even ever tried to talk to them. Natasha smuggly smiled at him while Cid broke free of her grasp. He caught up with Miss Beehee. "Um hi, don't you find it odd that I'm a guy?"

"Not to worry hun, we had a lot of transgender gals like you who would like to be Ice Princesses just as much as the other girls. We have a lovely femininization program to get you on hormones and give you a petite and curvy ice skater girl figure so you can fit nicely into a pretty ice skating dress. We even have Tgirls like you go on to win World Championships." Cid replied "Oh, but I'm not a Tgirl, I'm just a guy who wound up here by mistake." Miss Beehee stopped in thought for a little bit and said "Come with me to my office."

They came in there and sat down. Miss Beehee pulled out a note "I have your camp joining request right here and it says, "Dear Ice Beauties Skating Camp, I'm a sissy girl who needs a firm hand to make me into the pretty ice skating pixie I've always dreamed of being. Please dress me up in the most girly outfits and teach me the most graceful moves. Hugs & Kisses, p.s. I love to pretend I don't like being treated that way. Please make me do it until I comply." So this is you pretending. There will be no more of that, we need our girls to be a 100% cooperative. So if I see you acting like you don't like it you will get an over-the-knee spanking by me."

Cid was shocked, he didn't write that letter. He wondered who could have done that. "Did Stacy write that?" He pondered. He thought of escaping but there wasn't any other civilization for hundreds of miles and he didn't have any way of transportation. He felt he had no other choice but to gulp and say "Yes Miss Beehee."

Miss Beehee smiled and led Cid into the dressing room where the girls where picking out skating dresses. There were ladies helping everyone dress. Miss Beehee whispered into their ears and they said "Oh we have a Tgirl with us, well sweetie, you won't be needing these boy clothes anymore." Outside the dressing room building a shirt, pants and briefs flew out of a window.

They slipped satin panties and pantyhose on his legs. They made his legs look so very pretty and shiny. He made an awkward expression. Then he saw Miss Beehee eying him so he quickly smiled. Next they started making him try on all sorts gorgeous and glittering girls skating outfits. Beautiful dresses in pink, yellow, aqua, green, or lavender. He felt like a dress up doll at the end. Eventually they decided on a pink dress for the girly Tgirl. For when he wasn't skating, they gave him girls satin short shorts to wear over his pantyhose with a set of frilly blouses. They made sure he had lots of new panties and bras too.

"Now we are going to show you to your new room you'll be staying in." Said the dressing ladies. Once there he gasped at how the whole room was pink and girly, with floral satin bedsheets and makeup vanities. Cid put down his bags when he heard the door knob turning and remembered Natasha is his new roommate. His cheeks were beet red at the thought of her seeing him like that. He thought "Oh no, a girl that is way out of my league finally maybe, sort of likes me and now she's going to see me like this." She walked in and she had a big smile on her face. "Oh you look so cute!" and she gave Cid a big hug. Cid said "Er, huh?"

"Don't play dumb with me. I know a sissy from a mile away. I had girlfriends before who were my boyfriends when we started dating. I've missed it very much. When I first laid my eyes on you I knew I wanted to make you my sissy baby doll!" Natasha excitedly said. Cid thought "Oh dear, I'm spending the next 12 months with her?" "but I'm not a sissy." said Cid.

"Really? Your in a very darling outfit for someone who isn't a sissy."

"Miss Beehee made me."

"Suuure" Natasha sarcastically said.

Natasha reached from behind and snapped Cid's bra. Cid jumped up "Eeep!" he yelled. "Your even wearing a bra!" Natasha giggled. Then she begged Cid to let her give him a makeover. Cid said no way at first but then remembered what Miss Beehee said if she saw him resisting and getting made over would convince her he can be good.

They started with a nice strawberry scented bubble bath that removed all the hair from his body except his eyebrows, and head hair. Next they moisturized and did mani's and pedi's. Finally once all the lovely makeup was finished Cid was shocked at what he saw in the mirror. He looked just like one of the girls!

Cid didn't know why but he was starting to like this. Natasha said, "Let me try something." She got some ribbons and put his hair in pigtails. She was in love with how juvenile Cid looked and she gave him a lollipop so suck on. He loved how cute he looked and said "Tank you Nadatha!" Cid suddenly realized he could only speak in a lisp! Natasha giggled and said "Surprise! The lollipop has ingredients that make you talk in a lispy baby talk. Just how I like my sissies to talk. My sissies are as cute as babies and I want you to act like that from now on." Cid asked "Oh noth, how wong doeth dee withpy dalk wath?"

"For a couple months, unless you try another lollipop again, and I'm sure I can persuade you to"

Cid pouted. Natasha giggled, "See, you are acting like a sissy baby."

The next day Miss Beehee had the girls learning stretching techniques. She saw Cid all made over in makeup and was happy to see he was accepting his sissy self now. Cid tried to speak and all the girls giggled and called him a baby. He said he wasn't a baby, but then somehow a wet spot started to spread in his leotard, which made the girls giggle even more and reinforced there name calling.

Miss Beehee patted his bottom and reassured him it was okay. She said he can go to the nurse to change into a new outfit. Cid was surprised when the nurse took off his leotard and slipped on a diaper underneath his bottom. She said it will help stop him from getting his pretty outfit all wet. She then slipped on an even more babyish ice skating outfit with a pink tutu.

Back in the rehearsal room Miss Beehee asked Natasha "Did you do that?" Natasha said "Yes Miss Beehee, I gave sissy Cid a drink that makes him have wetsies like a baby." Miss Beehee said, "Good girl, I'm sure Stacy is going to love what a sissy baby we will make Cid into. After we got a letter from Stacy telling us how Cid was secretly cheating on her with an figure skating girl I couldn't pass it up."

12 months later Cid turned into Sissy Baby Anastasia who became a famous adorable ice skater. She was mostly famous from her sheer cuteness. What could be cuter than a AB girl who is an ice skater? Everyone fell in love with her, especially AB Mommies and Daddies.

(Feel free to share this with anyone as much as you like! You can even make this into a cute wallpaper!)

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