Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Nursery With A View

I awake feeling wonderful from the sweetest dream. I slowly open my eyes gazingly as I notice something odd. There is railing above my bed in cute pastel colors and my sheets feel so smooth like satin. At the thought that this isn't the bed I knew before I quickly sit up noticing a somewhat bouncy weight on my chest. I look down and *gasp!* I have breasts! Not only that, I am dressed in a mini dress with a cute crinoline petti underneath and I am wearing such girly stockings.

I looked positively like a sexy adult baby doll! Everything around me made me feel even more like one as I see I'm in a baby crib in the prettiest nursery! I felt I must lift myself out of the crib to see where I am. As I lifted my bottom I felt a fluffy cushion in between my legs and realized I must be diaper too! Like a baby! Suddenly as I tried to sit up some more I felt a steady stream in between my legs feeling my diaper making me feel even more like an infant. I thought to myself "I've never had any wet accidents before!"

I fought the urge not to tear up which would be more babyish of me and for some reason I felt an urge to hug the teddy in front of me to comfort me for everything I was going on. In the doorway I heard the sound of footsteps, very much like high heels. To my surprise I saw it was my wife Kimberly.

I ducked into the crib blushing at the thought of her seeing me this way. Happily going towards the crib she cooed at me saying, "What a cute wittle baby you make honey buns! I know everything is so shocking right now sweetie! You know how we tried everything to have a baby but we couldn't? Well I happened to find your collection of baby items and dresses you had nicely hidden away. Along with the videos you put on youtube of you prancing around in those cute adult baby outfits. I know this is what you really want sweetie. Since I have a Daddy thats rich and he has never been too fond of his little girl dating guys he was happy to pay for any surgeries and hypno sessions to get you more in touch with your inner baby girl. I'll bet my wittle sweetie is such a sissy she has wet her didee already."

I felt so flushed already I fleed to the other side of the crib which didn't help much. She pulled my diaper from my behind and had a peek. "Oh my, I have a little wetsy betsy! I think I'll keep you in your wet didee for a little while so you can get used to being my baby." From then on I knew things were going to be very different.

(Feel free to share this with anyone as much as you like! You can even make this into a cute wallpaper!)

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