Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Disney Princes Sissy Babified ~ Eric from The Little Mermaid

Enjoy sweeties! Its adorable sissy babified Eric, now Erica cuddling up with Mommy Ariel! I thought lovely coral bedding would be just right for this drawing. I'll draw the other Disney Princes Sissy Babified too! They will be cute Sissy Baby Princesses! So stick around for those coming up! I made a story for this drawing,

Every month or so Ariel would turn herself back into a mermaid for a little while to visit her father King Tritan. One day her Prince Eric wanted to surprise her by showing up as a merman for fun. That day Ariel was away and Eric snuck into the bedroom and seeing Ariel's beautiful makeup vanity. There were makeup bottles and magic potions on top of the dresser. Eric was so confused on which one does what, after 5 minutes perfume bottles were sprayed on him and moisturizer. Finally he found one that really looked like the potion he was looking for. It was a pretty glass swan spraying bottle, he thought it was a fish though. Eric sprayed it and suddenly he felt the room getting bigger or he was shrinking a little. His arms became more skinny, he saw his hands became more petite, as the shocked Eric gazed jaw dropped in the mirror. His pants felt tighter as he saw his hips and bottom were expanding and developing sexy feminine curves. His shirt expanded until the buttons popped off making two breasts bounce out exposed. He tried to call out for help as his voice became more and more high pitched. Ariel came home to the palace to an adorable girl about 18 years old at her vanity, talking and acting like a baby girl. Ariel giggled as she knew just what happened. It was her decoy potion to prevent anyone from stealing her other important magic potions Daddy gives her. Ariel thought of changing Eric back but she always fantasized about having an adorable baby doll like girlfriend. The cute baby Erica smiled back at her making baby talk and she thought, "Its time to make the bedroom into a nursery!"

(Feel free to share this with anyone as much as you like! You can even make this into a cute wallpaper!)

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