Tuesday, March 30, 2010

*A Valentines Sissy Kiss*

Happy Valentines Day baby darlings! Valentines Day is my most favorite holiday! Remember people can give Valentines to their friends too, it doesn't have to be all just for romantic couples. Have a lovely time! ^_^

Now for the story,


One day a guy named Kevin heard music coming from outside his house. When he looked outside the window he saw the house across the street that has been for sale for months had new people living there. Suddenly he thought he saw the cutest gal he had ever seen before. She had long flowy light burnette hair, pretty blue eyes and was wearing short shorts. Kevin thought "I need to be more neighborly." So he went out to welcome the new neighbors. From their music he thought they must have been having some sort of welcoming party.

He gasped when he saw the same girl answered the door. "Um, hi I'm Kevin, I lived across the street and I wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood." He gave her flowers. In the mean time a dug up flower patch was apparent in front of his house. "Oh these are pretty! I'm Jennifer. Why don't you come on in?" They spent hours chatting about everything. Kevin was falling in love with her, but he thought it was strange when she said "Excuse me just a sec." and went into another room. Kevin could still see her from a mirrors reflection and he could have sworn he saw her snap her fingers and then a completely different outfit appeared on her out of mid air. She came back with an adorable and frilly party dress on.

He thought it was also strange when he joked "Since we are neighbors can I borrow your sugar?" She came back with some sugar as a gift, but then it started glowing. Jennifer acted surprised and took it away, then she came back with some non-glowing sugar. The time came for them to part ways. Jennifer said she had the most wonderful time and gave Kevin a kiss. Kevin went home in total bliss.

The next morning, Kevin was checking out the newspaper when he realized "Oh my gosh! Its Valentines Day! I have to get something for Jennifer!" He rushed outside the door but stopped and saw a Valentines Day present sitting outside his door. He looked around confused and said "Umm thank you God?" He picked it up and realized it was actually for him instead and it was from Jennifer.

That made him very excited and sat it down on a table. Then he saw a message on the back of a box of candy hearts, "Hey baby, I hope you enjoy these! hugs & kisses" When he opened the box he first ate the heart at the top that said "I want candy" he thought it was very yummy and something popped into his mind that made him want more. He picked up another heart that said "Double the fun"

As soon as the heart went into his mouth his shirt felt very tight. He looked down and was shocked to see two large breasts growing. They were so large the buttons in his shirt was about to pop. He paniced "How did this happen?? Is Jennifer enchanting me like what happened yestarday?"

He tried to resist but something was making him want more candy. He picked up another heart that said "Lil cutie" He popped it into his mouth and suddenly he was getting smaller. He shrank all the way down to 5 inches and got up and walked on the table. Everything was so big to him now. He looked at his reflection on the table and saw he looked very different. His face was more cute, and he was dressed in cute and frilly attire. "Oh my, I mustn't take another bite!" He said while placing another piece of heart candy in his mouth.

Shocked at what he just did he looked at what the heart said. "Wet dreams" He thought, "Hmm what does that mean?" Suddenly he began to wet his frilly satin outfit. He tried to clinch his legs together to stop the flow but it didn't work. He also felt another thing that got very small. He knew he shouldn't take another bite of a heart candy but the thought of taking another bite made him giggle and want it even more for some reson. He got another piece of heart candy and ate it.

He saw the hearts message said "Girly girl" Sparkles flew around his body and a new outfit appeared on him which was a beautiful frilly pink dress, lacy pink panties, with heart stockings, cute bow stilettos, and Kevin's hair was put in pigtails tied in bows. Kevin felt inbetween his legs and he found out he was completely a girl now. Kevin felt himself filled with girly thoughts.

She suddenly wanted to be called Kami. Kami wanted some more candy, so she reached for a piece of heart, put it in her mouth, now decorated with lipstick. On the other side the heart it said, "Be my sissy baby" Kami layed down and she felt herself being magically diapered and sparkles appeared around her mouth, which made a dumby appear. Suddenly Jennifer came in and saw little baby Kami happy and giggling surrounded by all of her hearts.

"I knew you'd like my present sweetie! When I first saw you I could see what you secretly had in your heart, with my magical touch and I thought it was so adorable! It was just all those nasty inhibitions that were getting in the way. I made a spell to set you free from them." Jennifer waved her glowing finger and made Baby Kami the same size as Jennifer again. "The lil cutie spell made you so small you couldn't escape and would be tempted by all that yummy candy. You can be my baby girl from now on hun. I'd love that very much." She took Baby Kami into her arms and kissed her. The end.

(Feel free to share this with anyone as much as you like! You can even make this into a cute wallpaper!)

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